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Riverdale Roundup: Meet Edgar Evernever, Episode Leak, Katy Keene Filming, and More

In an interview with Cosmo, CMM talks about diving back into the world of high school soaps

-Got into Riverdale because his wife binged the first season and loved it

-Is more fascinated by the the kind of people who'd join a cult than the leaders. "Every time you hear comments about "people drinking the Kool-Aid" or whatever it may be, people are always fascinated by, 'what happened in that person's life to get them to that point?'"

-Happy that his introduction was getting to do a slow clap. It was also his first day on set where he basically got to meet everyone. "I think you see his power in a very simple moment. When you show power, instead of just explain power, it's much more powerful. You see that in that moment."

-"Gosh it's been sixteen years since I started shooting One Tree Hill... I can look back and see the journey they're going on. I can lend an ear if somebody wants to unload or ask questions. I'm willing to be a sounding board."

Jordan Connor will be a series regular in Looking for Alaska, Hulu’s eight-episode limited series based on John Green’s novel of the same name.

Connor will play Kevin. Friend of the resident bully-jock, and he's not that bright. Connor's character is a lacrosse bro and a total follower who gets angry at the protagonists when someone from his clique gets expelled from school.
The soundtrack for the musical episode premiered at No. 8 on the Top Soundtrack Music Albums Charts on iTunes. It didn't hold that spot for long.


The Katy Keene pilot continues filming in New York City

Thanks to a glitch on Apple TV, several viewers were able to watch this week's episode, and a redditor summarized what happens in the town with pep this week, and this is a summary of that summary.

[Spoiler (click to open)]-Betty asks Cheryl to wear a wire to infiltrate The Farm. Cheryl agrees because she wants to know why her brother wanted to runaway to this place (remember that S1 tidbit?). Cheryl meets Edgar who thinks she's a perfect candidate (she's already had her "baptism" [her suicide attempt] and a "rebirth" [burning down Thornhill]). Cheryl tells Betty about a room full of tapes aka the recorded conversations that can be used as blackmail against the members of The Farm. Unfortunately, Cheryl is basically ready to join The Farm because she was able to see Jason. When asked, Alice affirms that she sees Charles.

-Veronica is the one threatening her mother in the hopes that it will keep her parents together. She's trying an intimidation tactic in that it would make the family look weaker if her parents breakup. How she went from begging her mom to please leave Hiram earlier this season to this, who knows. Anyways, Hiram was one step ahead, and the marriage is over.

-Archie gets a call from Mad Dog who tells him that all the juvie boys are being transferred to Hiram's Southside prison therefore all the illegal boxing matches would continue. Archie asks Veronica to arrange a meeting with the governor, and Archie blackmails the governor with the fact that he attended the underground juvie boxing matches. Archie's able to secure the release of all the juvie boys and offers them the shelter of his gym where they can be trained by Daddy Keller.

-Unfortunately, Mad Dog reports that his family lives in a shit hole where drugs are being dealt by weirdos in masks. Archie tells Jughead, and it's what Jughead needed since I guess earlier he fucked up a sting FP had set up to find out who the new cook in town was. FP de-deputizes the Serpents and threatens to arrest any that he sees interfering with police matters, but Jughead plows ahead to the building Archie tells him about and finds out that Kurtz is the new cook. Even though they both end up falling out a window, Kurtz gets away.

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