Issa Rae covers Women's Health magazine

-Issa does not agree to projects she does not have a passion for.

-Is learning how to cook Senegalese food after her mom started for her Senegalese dad.

- She eats bacon after 15 years of being a vegetarian.

- Says she gained new money weight after her Youtube show The Misadventures Of an Awkward Black Girl provided her with more opportunities and access to good food and being able to afford to eat at restaurants all the time.

- Is not naturally attracted to exercising and would have spurts of working out and lose motivation. She would then eat unhealthly while exercising vigorously.

When motivated Issa works out an hour outside, alternating between walking up hills and jogging. She hates jogging ,but sees that it helps.

-Had an allergic reaction where her face swelled up. After she said she was only going to the doctor if it happened again, her friend directer Ave DuVernay reminded her that her health comes first, with this reaction."Sis, if it happens again!? Are you kidding me!!. Issa was fine, but is taking better care of herself.

-Issa's new film Little,with Regina Hall and blackish star Marsai Martin, comes out April 12th