Gemma Chan covers April Allure magazine

-Gemma speaks briefly on her role in Captian Marvel, saying her charecter, a sniper is very good at what she does.

- After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in law, she turned down a job at a leading law firm and instead attended The Drama Centre in London. Her parents were not pleased.

- She was a competive swimmer, was a lifeguard and almost became a professional violinist.

-She speaks of a time where she tried to help a victim of a stabbing at a subway station and came face to face with the attacker. She would go on to testify at the trial.

- On her role as Bess Hardwick in the film Mary Queen of Scots"Why are actors of color,who have fewer oppotunties anyway, only offered to play their own race?And sometimes they're not even allowed to play their own race.If John Wayne can play Genghis Khan, I can play Bess Hardwick.

-Uses her media prominence to showcase Asian designers.

- Speaks of privileged politians being diconnected from the average brit concerning Brexit.

- Worked on a documentary on the Chinese Labour Corps that helped win WW1.

- Along with actress Ruth Wilson partnered with the British Film Institute to do educational workshops on how to protect oneself from compromising situations on film sets and safety during intimate scenes.