ONTD Original: Four reasons why 'Will & Grace' has been great this season.

1. They're physical comedy royalty.

THEY. ARE. HILARIOUS. And still have amazing chemistry after all these years. The crouton scene is a great proof.

2. They keep tackling important issues.

Will & Grace used to be a voice for LGBTQ+ issues back then, and still is now. A recent episode tackled blood donation from LGBTQ+ when Grace's dad refused to get a donation from Will.

3. Guest stars have been surprisingly good.

Matt Bomer has been a hoot (still can't act) but they wrote him around his handsomeness. David Schwimmer has been surprisingly nice and not Ross at all. Samira Wiley was fucking adorable and hilarious.

4. They keep making characters grow.

This season, after many failed relationships, Karen finally has fallen for a woman, and Jack's getting married and surprisingly refused to cheat. Will and Grace have also realized their codependency is hurting their love life and they decided to move in with their partners.

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ONTD, have you been watching this season?!