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Ryan Reynold's Deadpool the only character not being rebooted within the MCU from Fox

Tell them goodbye.

With Disney recently buying 20th Century Fox, there was discussion amongst all of 2 people if the old cast from X-Men / Fantastic Four would be going over to Marvel.

And the answer is a resounding ha, are you kidding? Of course not!

Most of the MCU is made up of former okay, calm down, don't tell me ya'll forgot that really awkward Captain America movie of the 90s, B listers because Marvel never had the rights to the hard hitters until now; While we won't see X-Men or Fantastic Four in any movie this side of 2021...we probably also won't see Deadpool, but he is the only character not being retooled.

Why? Because the Deadpool movies have been consistently.....at least tolerable and profitable, unlike the X-Men Franchise (varying in quality) and Fantastic Four (consistently very bad).

Iger says that it's possible for an R-Rated Deadpool movie to still exist, under another banner.


dream casting lets do it
Tags: casting / auditions, disney, marvel, ryan reynolds, x-men
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