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The plot points for the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 have leaked


These spoilers are originally from Frikidoctor who's given reliable spoilers in the past. And HBO has even gone as far to remove his videos on youtube lmao.

The summary below is from a translation of the Friki video from Reddit.


Bunch of stark reunions happen and Dany meets all the other Starks for the first time.

-Jon and Dany arrive with the armies (Unsullied and Dothraki)

-Bran is in a hurry to tell them the Wall has fallen and the NK has Viserion

-Jon and Bran reunite, Jon will say: "Let me see how much you've grown, almost a man grown now ..."

-Dany will meet Sansa and compliment her saying "the North is so beautiful ... you're as beautiful as the North". Sansa on the other hand is cold towards Dany and coldly offers her Winterfell.

-Jon and Arya reunite: they hug lovingly. They "compare" swords (Longclaw vs Needle. Jon knows that Sansa doesn't like Dany and requests Arya to put in a good word about Dany to Sansa. Talk to Sansa about Dany and vice versa because they need to bring them together.

-Meeting in the Great Hall: Jon introduces Dany. Jon tells everyone the NK has Viserion and the Wall has fallen.Lyanna Mormont says Jon is still KiTN but he tells her that they need allies and only together they will survive. He brings up Cersei because she promised her troops in S7. Tyrion will speak in favour of Cersei, and he is convinced she will send the army. Northern Lords are pissed because they don't like the idea of a Lannister army in Winterfell. Jon says they need all the allies. The meeting ends on a tense note.

-Sansa/Tyrion reunion: They talk about their marriage and how it's not valid because they never had sex. She talks to him about the Lannister troops. Sansa will say: "You really trust your sister and believe she'll send troops to help the North?"
Tyrion will respond about how since Cersei is pregnant, she will send the troops North to protect her future child against the AOTD.

-Dany and Jon have a "How to Train Your Dragon" moment. Jon and Dany together ride Rhaegal and Drogon and makeout afterwards lol.

-Arya/Gendry reunion – she asks him to modify the Valyrian dagger and he makes her a spear Gendry call her "My Lady" and Arya hates it and they have sexual tension and she remembers all their attraction.

-Council – Sansa is antagonising Jon again about bending the knee and she thinks he is not listening to her and asks him “Did you bend the knee for the North of for love?” She says he is still KiTN and he needs to fight for the North and not a foreign Queen. He says they are allies, but she pushes for explanations about bending the knee and reproaches him that.

-Dany/Sam meet: Dany tells Sam she burned his dad and brother. And Sam tears up that she burned her brother.

-Sam meets with Jon and tells what Dany did to his brother and dad. Jon takes Dany's side and says that he and Dany are allies. Sam tells Jon about R+L=J and Jon is in denial because he doesn't believe Ned would lie to him like that.

King's Landing

-the Greyjoy fleet gets the Golden Company to KL.

-Qyburn tells Cersei that the NK has crossed the Wall and he has a dragon which is great news for Cersei "let them kill each other in the North"

-Euron/Yara talk: Euron tells Yara that he won't kill her yet because she's family. And now since he's brought the Golden Company to KL, he will fuck the queen.

-in the Throne Room, Euron presents Harry Strickland & The Golden Company (minus elephants)

-Cersei has a tantrum about not getting elephants lmaoooo, she dismisses Harry Strickland but Euron says she HAS to have sex with him now that he brought the Golden Company to King's Landing.

-Euron blackmails Cersei to have sex with him and Cersei has no choice if she wants the Golden Company, she has no choice but to sleep with Euron.

-After sex, Cersei once again complains about not getting elephants (OP thinks this is hilarious). And talks about how she enjoyed having sex with Euron as much as enjoyed it when she HAD to give it to Robert. Cersei hates the sex and finds it traumatic while Euron is happy.

At the same time that Euron fucks Cersei...

-Theon rescues Yara from one of Euron's ships!

Castle Black

-Tormund, Edd and Beric who are in CB, find a kind of weird message on the walls made by the king of the night. The Night King attacks Castle Black and the episode ends.

tl;dr: A lot of forced drama in Winterfell, a ton of reunions that OP got tired of summarizing, Sansa being cold to and untrusting of both Jon and Dany, Jon and Dany having a how to train your dragon moment, Sam being mad that Dany burned his family and telling Jon about parentage, Cersei being fucking pissed that Euron didn't bring elephants, Cersei forcing herself to have transactional sex with Euron, Theon easily rescuing Yara because Euron is too busy craving sex from Cersei and the NK leaving a message at Castle Black and then attacking Castle Black.



mods please accept I summarized a lot with my own words and didn't just copy/paste the whole thing
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