SVU Promo for 20x19: Speak Now(™ Taylor Swift)

In the next SVU episode, airing in 2 weeks, we will get what looks like a lesser version of that great Without A Trace episode with Mireille Enos, who believes she recognizes her rapist so she kidnaps and tortures him, while he sort-of credibly denies ever having met her. In the SVU version, the woman is played by Shiri Appleby, the man is played by that one guy from Bones (no, not that one. No, not that one either. The other one.), and she actually interrupts his wedding to call him out. Cool?

In more important news, QUEEN LUCY LIU DIRECTED THIS EPISODE! So I will actually try to watch it, for a change.


ONTD, did you watch last night's episode? I didn't! Nor did I reply to any comments in last week's post, for which I am truly sorry. I have Monday off (yay!!!! I love my job lol, but oh my God sometimes it gets too much) so I will reply to all of you over the weekend <3 So, back to SVU and what I read about last night's episode: apparently we learned something about the Dodds memo? Titus Welliver was great? The squad was dressed to the nines? Peter Gallagher's hair was fabulous? And Carisi was a douche and pretty much dismissed a victim's experience or something? Did I get it all? No? But do I care? Also no? Listen, the SPN fans are free now, when's it gonna be our turn?