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Maho Yamaguchi Opens Up Following Investigation

In January of this year, NGT48 member Maho Yamaguchi (nicknamed Mahohon) came forward with a live stream detailing an assault on her that occurred in December. When management cut the stream, she turned to twitter to air out the pain she had been facing since then. There have not been many developments since the initial outpouring of news due to the all-but-confirmed gag order put on the girls and third party investigation that has taken place. This changed when a press conference of NGT48 and AKS official staff happened, leading to Mahohon revealing more truths on twitter again.

The following tweets under the cut are translations of her and other's posts:

A fellow member and close friend to Mahohon posted this, with Maho liking it in response:

Source: Twitter User @Sw2rlzPyHga8CB2, Maho Yamaguchi's Twitter, and Riko Sugahara's Twitter

Fans and non-fans alike are criticizing management and showing support for Maho with the tag #JusticeForMahohon on Twitter
Tags: asian celebrities, cpop / jpop / kpop
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