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How Hannah B.'s Bachelorette Season Could Be Very Different From The Others

hannah b ontd.jpg

Hannah B. is already filming The Bachelorette after finishing fifth (I think?) on Colton's season. But her season of the show could be very different from any other season. Here's why:

-She's the youngest Bachelorette ever

At age 24, she breaks the record of youngest star ever. The second youngest was Jojo, at age 25.

-She's "a hot mess"

She jokingly referred to herself as "the Hot Mess Express." And the producers even call her a mess, too. ABC's senior vice president says:

"She was refreshing and we felt like this is going to be a different kind of season with her because she's someone who is going to certainly speak her mind, own that, as she says, she's kind of a mess."

-She was the underdog

At the beginning of Colton's season, Caelynn was the frontrunner for Bachelorette. Her drama with Hannah made Hannah seem crazy and made Caelynn seem like an innocent victim. But the tide soon turned, with Caelynn looking manipulative and Hannah looking like she tried to warn Colton.

Also, Caelynn gave some passive-aggressive praise to Hannah on her Bachelorette journey:

"I think she would be a really funny Bachelorette... It will be unpredictable... She's just herself and funny and [quirky] whereas some leads maybe try to be more composed."

Won't it be great if Caelynn goes on Bachelor in Paradise chasing after Hannah's sloppy seconds??

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