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Star Trek Discovery - 2x11 "Perpetual Infinity" Promo & Mini Roundup

🎉🍰The Cast Wish Queen Sonequa Martin-Green a Happy 34th Birthday! 🍰🎉

📷 Sonequa for Essence & Ethan Peck for CBS Watch 📷

🌈 Wilson Cruz for Attitude (+Anthony Rapp) on Dr Hugh Culber's Trauma, Recovery, and Culmets 🌈

-Dr Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) and Lt Commander Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) are the first openly gay main characters in the Trek TV franchise
-Wilson says of the new Culber: "I needed the audience to understand that this person was broken by what had happened to him, so that when we did get him back onto this plane that they understood the real consequences and circumstances that he was living under."
-He stresses that this is JUST the beginning of a healing process to be explored in more detail
-Whilst not addressing hate-based violence in the show, the character’s experience with violence, demonization and trauma (and survival of trauma) is familiar territory for irl LGBTQ+ people, as well as the disproportionate impact on us by mental health conditions such as depression and PTSD
-Cruz hopes that by the end of Season 2, Dr Culber can provide "an example of resilience" for LGBTQ+ people who have survived violence and trauma. "That's who we are as a people," he said. "If you look at the history of LGBTQ people in this country and also around the world historically, there's example after example of when we have been attacked and murdered and marginalized and erased, and we find a way out of that."
-Cruz also portrayed Rickie Vasquez on ‘My So-Called Life’ 25 years ago, becoming the first openly gay actor to portray a gay role on a major American tv series, and quickly saw his opportunities for work dry up, especially as an LGBTQ+ man of colour, and had personal and professional struggles that came out of that, but feels now is the time to be bold and confident and push for more, and keep on pushing forward.
-He will continue to advocate to do even more on Disco, on which he hopes that Dr Culber will be a "guiding light" for those suffering from mental health issues and struggles of their own. "I think it's important to see and be reminded that those moments can be and are temporary — and that we can see our way out of that darkness to a better day, a better time."

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The RED ANGEL is revealed at last, ONTD Discoteers! 🖖❤️

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