Flat Earther Documentary Behind the Curve Gains Traction on Netflix

A doc that manages to out Spinal Tap Spinal Tap so much that you're not really sure if you are watching a mockumentary and desperately wishing you were, premiered on Netlix last month but has been steadily gaining traction after making rounds in the festival circuit last year. The doc, Behind the Curve, follows some of the exemplar of anti-science and anti-education behind the unfortunately burgeoning flat earth movement. These figureheads of the movement have podcasts, blogs, videos and conventions to share their ideas with other flat earthers. The doc takes a humorous and also a frustrating exploration as it looks into this movement that rejects the integrity of the scientific method and how scientific rebellion (which can be a very great thing) can take a disturbing turn in which people's scientific notions are really just disguised as bigotry, a lack of empathy and a need to display superiority. Don't worry for balance, real astronauts, physicists and psychologists are featured in this. B.O.B. is somewhere seething that he was not asked to be a part of this.

Moments of Comedy Gold: The Flatters accidentally prove the earth is round three times, a Flatter saying that most of them were successful in life as he stands in front a large stack of instant Ramen cups, saying scientists are too scared to refute them but don't accept scientists into their "club" because they are owned by educational institutions, trying to refute the eclipse by saying the sun can self-eclipse (gorl?!), and surprise, The Flatters are fighting.

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