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Riverdale Roundup: Lili Cast in Movie w/Cardi B & JLo, Charles in GQ, Heathers Clips & More


RIVERDALE HIGH PRESENTS “HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL” — Cheryl digs into her inner HBIC to play Heather Chandler as a means to deal with a breakup. Betty is high key irritated at Evelyn worming her way into the musical and possibly using it as a recruiting tool for the farm. Elsewhere, Veronica's parents are getting separated, and Archie/Josie have a talk about their future. Lastly, Jughead makes a surprising move against Gladys while also trying to sing.

The supposed setlist for the musical episode

This fan account is also reporting that Choni/Bughead sing Seventeen, and that Veronica and Toni are the ones who get solos. It's being speculated that Veronica will get to sing "Dead Girl Walking" and "Lifeboat".

A new co-director announced, the cast introduce which characters they're playing, and a new choreographer

A glimpse at the song Beautiful as Kevin introduces the characters to the Lodges

And apparently a first look at Edgar Evernever who will attend the musical since his daughter, Evelyn, is such an active participant.


Annapurna dropped this film, but STX picked it up. JLO serves as a producer and star of the film.

Directed and written by Lorene ScafariaMusic, the film is inspired by a viral 2016 New York Magazine article about a group of former strip club employees who group together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. Cardi B plays one of JLo's friends/accomplices. Stiles will play a journalist who makes friends with Wu. Ruehl plays Mother, the backstage operator of the strip club.

The cast includes Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, and Mercedes Ruehl.

Productions starts this Friday in New York City.
Charles in GQ


A look at Lucy Hale as they film the Katy Keene pilot in NYC

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