21st Century Fox announces completion of Disney merger

+ After months of wrangling and finalization, it becomes official tonight at 12:02AM: Disney will own 20th Century Fox.
+ Disney is poised to close the $71.3 billion deal shortly after 9 p.m. PT on Tuesday. The birth of the Murdochs’ successor Fox Corporation — home of Fox Broadcasting, Fox News and Fox Sports — will also be official on Tuesday.

[Here are some of the franchises Disney owns now]o. Avatar

o. Star Wars
o. Die Hard
o. X-Men
o. Fantastic Four
o. Kingsman
o. Planet of the Apes
o. Alien
o. Predator
o. Independence Day
o. Fight Club
o. Home Alone
o. Night at the Museum
o. The Maze Runner
o. Ice Age
o. Red Sparrow
o. The Martian
o. Artemis
o. Alvin and the Chipmunks
o. Doctor Dolittle
o. Percy Jackson

o. The Chronicles of Narnia