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Arkells give Juno speech time to Jeremy Dutcher after his speech cut off

- Last night was the Juno Awards, Canada's music awards (I'm Canadian and I totally forgot about them, oop).
- Jeremy Dutcher won for best Indigenous album of the year. He called out the awards by saying Indigenous music was not a niche, and also called out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his treatment of Indigenous peoples. But was abruptly cut off as soon as he said the word "reconciliation" in his acceptance speech. Reconciliation is still an ongoing issue in Canada.
- The Arkells won best rock album of the year but gave up their speech time by inviting Jeremy back out to finish his speech.
- In his speech Jeremy said "Réconciliation. Reconciliation. It's a lofty goal. It's a dream. It doesn't happen in a year. It takes time. It takes stories. It takes shared experience. It takes music. I have hope. I have to."
- You can read his whole speech here

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edit: You can listen to Jeremy Dutcher's album here on Spotify. It's definitely worth a listen, it's really good!
Tags: award show - other, canadian celebrities, music / musician
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