Riverdale Roundup: Preview of Musical Episode, Katy Keene Filming, and More

A preview of the musical episode which airs this week. The cast talk about which characters they're playing and how they were better prepared this time around.

Cheryl is HBIC Heather Chandler, Veronica is the dim Heather McNamara, Betty is snake in waiting Heather Duke, Josie is Veronica Sawyer, Sweet Pea is JD, and Archie & Reggie are the jock bros.


Filming for the pilot of Katy Keene has started.


KJ and Luke's son, Jack "Jungle Boy" Perry, practice wrestling moves. Significant as Jack had just recently signed with All Elite Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion. He cancelled a recent appearance because of his father's sudden passing.


During the winter filming break, Ashleigh and her bf visited Ireland, and Asheigh did an awesome photoshoot for fun. Netflix' instagram randomly posted a photo from the shoot recently.



Charles did a photoshoot in Hunger Magazine for The Sun is Also a Star





Madchen is another cast member who's expressed an interest in directing, so she's been doing some shadowing in preparation for the day when she might be given an episode to direct


are you ready for that heavy autotune assist and awkward lip synching?