Eliza Dushku On Productions Abusing Non-Disclosure Agreements

For those who don't know (follow-up to this post):
- [Jan. 2018] She reached a $9.5 million settlement with CBS after being fired from 'Bull' after informing the producers of Michael Weatherly's sexual harrassment on set.
- She signed a non-disclosure agreement, but she spoke out about it anyway like a fucking boss.

On ignoring the confidentiality clause:
"We need the right to stand in our power and in our truth. When you rob somebody of that or when you threaten somebody, it’s really damaging."
- She says it was more important to her to tell the truth and face the consequenses.
- Was not comfortable with the "false narrative that had been propagated".

On being stepped on, even late in her career:
"I’ll say this, in my case what made me feel a responsibility was the fact that I had been around for so many years. I have been around for almost 30 years. I had worked and built myself up to a place where you know I wasn’t off the bus and yet on a set I didn’t have a voice."
**Note: her first professional film credit dates back to 1992