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Pet Sematary premiered to rave reviews at SXSW

The new adaptation of Pet Sematary closed out SXSW and has been getting great reviews. OP is officially excited!

some reviews via Twitter (no spoilers)

- Says Pet Sematary is among the best of King adaptations.
- "It’s a layered, deeply sinister family nightmare that, yes, is packed with scares, but also a significant amount of complexity that takes those scares well beyond fleeting thrills."
- Says the cast is phenomenal, especially the child actors.
- Gives Pet Sematary an A-.

- Says the original Pet Sematary adaptation was one of the few to deliver.
- Says not enough is being done to distinct this film from the previous, but the directors do deliver on atmosphere, jump scares and the flashbacks involving the character of Rachel.
- The character of Victor Pascow will be "will be hard to erase from your mind" and is a "disturbing upgrade" from the first adaptation. Pascow is played by Obssa Ahmed.

[more tweets]

There are a ton more reviews if you search the hashtag on Twitter!

Some pics at the premiere.

Lastly: I'm jealous of anyone who got this poster.

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