Glastonbury announces initial 2019 lineup; fans are 'split' over said lineup

-This year's lineup includes faves like The Killers and The Cure
-42% of the acts are female
-Many more acts are to be announced
-OP speculates that Brandon Flowers must be jizzing his pants to have The Cure there, AND be reunited with his king, Liam Gallagher (If so, expect a follow-up post.)

Here's where things get dramatic: The festival lineup isn't everyone's cup of tea. Boohoo

-One music fan snob tweeted, “The Killers headlined when I went to Leeds ‘08. And isn’t George Ezra more Latitide than Glastonbury? Also SNOW PATROL in 2019?”
-Someone else called the lineup "boring and predictable"

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This is probably the best set of festival headliners I've seen in awhile. How about you, ONTD?