Gemma Chan on Jimmy Kimmel... feat. his microaggressions

Gemma Chan was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel, one of many white talk show hosts who don't know how to interview Asian celebrities without showcasing their microaggressions. Here's a summary of some of them.

  • Jimmy starts the interview by talking about her being from London, and asks whether her parents and family are from London — the classic "but where are you really from?". He was probably not expecting to hear that they grew up in Scotland (after immigrating from China and HK).

  • He asks whether her parents approved of her being an actor — these types of questions about Asian parents disapproving of a career in arts/entertainment are based on tiger-parenting stereotypes. She mentions that she studied law (doesn't mention that it was at Oxford) and he, for some reason, asks how much tuition cost her parents.

  • She tells a story of how she volunteered to have a robot made based on her appearance for a documentary and Jimmy jokes about whether it was an excuse to get her naked right after she talks about her interest in science, playing an android in Humans, and being able to meet world experts in AI and robotics. He later makes another not-so-subtle sexual joke about it. I don't think I need to explain the hypersexualization of Asian women in Western media.

Gemma handled it all gracefully, of course. Eloquent queen.