Is It Time To Change The Ending Of "The Bachelor?"


ABC's massive reality franchise The Bachelor has one major objective: To get a couple engaged by the end of a season. But is this the right goal for the show in 2019?

This season's shocking ending involved the star, Colton, dumping his final two women to chase Cassie who only wanted to go on the show to get Instagram followers was not ready for marriage. The two are now dating.

Viewers now question whether engagement is the right ending for the show. A popular contestant, Peter, was booted because he was not ready to propose to bachelorette Rachel. In 2019, when many people are questioning traditional marriage, the show might have to come up with a new resolution.

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Should The Bachelor end in a proposal?

Yes, give me my entertaining TV
No, are these people crazy??!!
Depends on the entertainment level a messy end could cause