Star Trek Discovery - 2x010 Promo "The Red Angel" & Airiam Interview

-Disco 2x09 'Project Daedalus' was written by Michelle Paradise, the Season 3 co-showrunner, and directed by Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes (Riker in TNG)
-Daedalus in ancient Greek mythology was a craftsman and father of Icarus, with whom he built wings made of feathers and wax, and used them to fly away from imprisonment in Crete. Icarus is most famous for flying too close to the sun, melting, and plummeting to his death cos he wouldn't listen to his dad's advice. Kids will be kids.

Sources: Promo, Interview

Was this the best episode of Disco yet, ONTD Discoteers? Do you feel emotionally compromised? 🖖

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