Nicki Minaj Cancels Another Concert, This Time Due to "Rough Irish Waters"

  • Another day, another concert cancellation for Nicki Minaj.

  • After 2 concerts cancelled in Europe due to "lack of electricity" and Nicki's team refusing to conform to French energy rules, the Irish Sea has bit back and forced Nicki to cancel her show tonight in Dublin.

  • A terrible set of rainstorms over much of Ireland caused for rough waters and ships carrying trucks of equipment for the Nicki Minaj concert did not make it to Ireland.

  • While Nicki herself had nothing to do with the cancellation, fans are livid because they were lined up outside the arena for hours and the cancellation only came an hour before showtime.

  • Fans once again decided to be petty and started chanting "Cardi B!" outside the arena after the cancellation was announced.

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Looks like ha career going for a swim