UPDATE: 'Five Feet Apart' kicks off weekend box office with $715,000 in Thursday previews

Let's just be clear: nothing's beating 'Captain Marvel' in the top spot this weekend, and it's expected to make at least another $70M this weekend.

Quick update from Variety: actually 'Wonder Park' did not top Thursday, the teen drama 'Five Feet Apart' barely did with $715,000 on Thursday, and expected to make $6M-$10M at 2,803 locations this weekend (on a $7M budget).

The critically-trashed animated movie 'Wonder Park' brought in $700,000 on Thursday night in 2,620 theatres in North America, and is expected to make around $10-$14 million this weekend (on a... good God, $100M budget). The alien sci-fi movie 'Captive State' made $300,000 on Thursday and is predicted for $4M this weekend (on a $25M budget).

Other movies out in more select/limited release this weekend include the period piece 'The Aftermath', 'Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase', and the critically-acclaimed 'The Mustang'.

Source: https://twitter.com/TheWrap/status/1106570158909218816