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Yvette Nicole Brown addresses her post about being mistaken for a Target employee

Back in February, actress Yvette Nicole Brown shared her frustration and made a post on Twitter asking white women to stop mistaking her for a Target employee. She wrote:

During a recent appearance on The Real, Brown further explained her post by saying, “I was very respectful – I’ve been respectful to every white woman who thought I worked at a store. Every single one. I’ve never been rude. I just asked the question ‘cause I don’t understand it.” She continues, “And the responses I got from other Black people, and Asian people and other people of color that have been mistaken for the help in various stores – it is something that happens and most of the time it is an older white woman that it happens to. So my thought about it is simply this: I don’t think it’s racist, I don’t think that all women – white women are racist, I don’t even think the 50 women that have mistaken me for the help are racist. What I think it is, is that I’ve heard a statement that white women are the most protected and respected women in this country. Which means their entire lives, they’ve been taken care of and tended to in some way or another by everyone, so they’re just used to people being of service. So when they’re out, and they need help, they just look for the first person that can be of service. That’s what I think it is.”

ONTD, have you ever been mistaken for an employee while shopping?

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