Cast of "Us" give interviews + the Luniz drops a remix of their own song '5 On It'

-Says she never played a baddie before and was fun.
-Jordan gives both of her characters three-dimensionality, respects Jordan because he's very smart but has no ego
-Cast had a lot of creative input
-Scariest thing she says about herself is her temper

-Mom lives with him half the year, other half with his sister
-Mom keeps him grounded, says he didn't get famous, his beard did
-She comes to visit on movie sets everyday
-Plays Gabe, Abraham is his doppelganger

-Rewarding part of filmmaking is people discussing and finding easter eggs
-Asked what's scariest thing about himself, says in some ways he's neglected what his privilege means
-Could talk a lot about white rabbit but only says 'Us' has a horror easter in it

LUNIZ dropped a remix 'I Got 5 On Us' with a vid that pays homage to the movie.

Or those waiting for the remix from the trailer can listen to it now. The full soundtrack comes out tomorrow March 15!

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