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Yong Jun-hyung leaves Highlight; Jung Joon-young scandal buries Jang Ja-yeon reinvestigation

Days after denying any connection to Jung Joon-young's spycam sex video scandal, Yong Jun-hyung of Highlight (formerly BEAST) has admitted to watching one of his friend Jung Joon-young's illegal spycam sex videos and discussing them inappropriately. Yong Jun-hyung since left his group and released an apology:

"I received a video from Jung and did have inappropriate conversations[.] All these behaviors were extremely unethical, and I was stupid. I'll leave Highlight since I realized the seriousness of the issue and don't want it to bring further damage to my fans, who probably were disappointed with me and other band members. ... I'll live reflecting on myself over and over again."

This announcement comes after more of Jung Joon-young's 200,000 Kakaotalk messages were made public, in which the now-disgraced former variety star and singer gleefully described and shared footage of his illegal acts, Jung Joon-young was released from his contract and has since retired from the industry. Jung Joon-young also released an apology:

“I admit to having committed all the wrongs that have been reported. I filmed women without their consent, spread (the films) in chat rooms. I did these activities without feeling any guilt[.] Throughout the rest of my life, I will repent on my immoral and illegal acts that constitute crimes. I will faithfully cooperate with an investigation by police that will start on Thursday and I will readily accept whatever punishment is in store for me[.]"

Some of the (translated) messages may be found under the cut [TRIGGER WARNING FOR RAPE]:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Meanwhile, former actress Yoon Ji-oh is racing against the statute of limitations to seek justice for her friend, Jang Ja-yeon, a famous actress who committed suicide in 2009. Jang Ja-yeon left behind letters and a suicide note in which she detailed the extent of sexual and physical abuse she endured at the hands of senior industry figures. At the time of her passing, Jang Ja-yeon was only twenty seven years old.

In her suicide note, Jang Ja-yeon included a list of at least 31 people, including CEOs, executives, and directors in the media, financial, and entertainment industries, whom she had been forced to "serve" sexually. Of these people, only two were ever indicted and found guilty of abuse: Jang Ja-yeon's former manager and the head of her management agency. Senior investigators and prosecutors that rejected demands to indict 20 of the figures on the list, claiming insufficient evidence, are believed to have covered up critical evidence.
The prosecution re-opened Jang Ja-yeon's case in June 2018. Yoon Ji-oh's participation in the investigation concluded on March 12. She disclosed the names of four people, including three journalists and one politician. The politician is said to have a very unique surname. With the statute of limitations set to run out this month, a petition has been filed with the Blue House seeking additional time and is quickly gaining signatures:
For a full timeline of the Burning Sun scandal and all associated fallout, including a flowchart of Seungri's connections, a list of all the chatrooms and group chats, the many instances of police corruption and collusion with Seungri et al., the cover up of FT Island's Choi Jong-hoon's DUI, Zico's comments on Jung Joon-young's "golden phone," and the alleged involvement of SNSD Yuri's brother, please see this Reddit post.

For a twitter thread tracing these issues back to 2010, please see @k_fact_, which is run by a Korean and provides a Korean perspective on the Burning Sun case and associated fallout.

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