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#WeBeenKnew; Only One Annapurna Film in 2018 Turned a Profit

Despite the high-award rolling "Vice", the sweet but sad "If Beale Street" ....... and "Destroyer", it's here too, it will surprise no one to learn that Annapurna didn't have a stellar 2018 when it came to distribution.

In fact, only one of its films made any kind of money, and it wasn't even up for major awards: Boots Riley's "Sorry To Bother You".

Vice cost 68$m to make and lost at LEAST 8$m, though some say it was closer to 20$m, even though it had, by far, the largest release of anything Annapurna has ever distributed. The cost was probably inflated by doctors to keep an eye on Bale.

The Sisters Brothers cost 38m$ to make and made a little over 1$m at the box office.

Beale Street lost between 8$m - 10$m. It only opened in 1018 theaters and its highest ranking was #12!).

Destroyer only lost 7m$, which is miraculous considering its widest release was only 235 theaters.

Chances are Detroit also didn't make a profit but that's 2017.



did you see any of these movies in the theater? We had Vice for awhile, but never got any of the others.
Tags: box office, film - drama, flop

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