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Footage of a disguised Michael Jackson shopping for rings with a young boy is uncovered

Footage of Michael Jackson in a disguise shopping for rings with a young boy at Zales jewlery store in Simi Valley, California has been uncovered. Star Magazine thought the ring was because Michael was planning to marry back up singer, Sheryl Crow. Michael and Sheryl never dated or got married. The young boy seems to be James Safechuck, who lived in Simi Valley, California. In the Leaving Neverland documentary, James also talked about how he would go ring shopping with Michael and Michael would sometimes wear disguises and they would pretend they were shopping for girls when it was really for James. James also showed rings Michael gave him, including one that was used for a mock wedding ceremony between them.

Here is another news report where someone who worked at Zales talks about how the police were called because Michael seemed very nervous and kept adjusting his mustache and was in a disguise, so they thought he was a robber. The whole time the 12 year old boy was talking for the both of them because Michael didn't want to talk because his voice would be recognized. The police let Michael go when they realized who he was and he gave the security guard at Zales an autograph.

Source: YouTube 1, 2
Tags: michael jackson / jackson family, sensitive content, sexual misconduct

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