"The Simpsons" Producer Believes Michael Jackson Used Episode To Groom Children

- Al Jean, who is a writer and producer for "The Simpsons", gave an interview for The Daily Beast today and further explained his (and his colleague's) decision to pull the episode "Stark Raving Dad" from circulation. Michael Jackson guest starred in that famous episode.

- Jean says the decision came after he, James L. Brooks, and Matt Groening watched "Leaving Neverland." Although he knows that they will lose money and that "Stark Raving Dad" is one of the milestones of the show, he still feels that pulling the episode was the "only choice to make" and the right decision.

- Feels sad because after watching "Leaving Neverland", he believes that Jackson may have used his cameo in "Stark Raving Dad" as a "tool" for something that the show didn't intend. He says that it might not have been "just a comedy" to Jackson, and that he probably used it to groom boys.

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I get what he means, and the episode does seem creepy in retrospect, especially if you've seen Leaving Neverland and are aware of how Jackson groomed his victims.