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BOOM! Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer is "fun but has an identity problem"

Issue #3 was released today and CBR believes that the new Buffy re-imagining is fun and familiar but fresh enough to feel like something new. It's basically a gamble on whether the hardcore Buffy fanbase will love the new material.

- Harmony hints at having prophetic dreams.
- Harmony also hints that Cordelia has a crush on Giles.
- Cordelia is very, very different. While a giant bat creature wreaks havoc, Cordy is the first person to try to save the day (even before Buffy). It's hinted that she knows a lot more than she lets on.
- The giant bat creature is actually Buffy's Pegasus.
- Xander doesn't appear to have a crush on Buffy and he's also really depressed. He feels useless and unwanted.
- Willow is already very skilled with magic.
- Willow has a girlfriend; Rose. Rose doesn't seem to know about the Scooby Gang activities just yet.
- Principal Robin Wood from s7 is a student at Sunnydale. Flirts with Buffy.
- Joyce has a new move-in boyfriend, Eric.

Overall, the comics have some entertaining plotlines set up and we haven't even been introduced to Angel yet. The artwork is amazing. The familiar spunky dialogue is still there too. I, personally, love it.


ONTD, what are your thoughts on the comic so far? What else have you read today?
Tags: buffyverse / whedonverse, comic books, reboot / remake / revival
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