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After Kevin Tsujihara, More Executives Pushed to Cast Actress Charlotte Kirk

The scandal that has engulfed the Warner Bros. CEO intersects with many powerful men and high-profile projects.
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Brett Ratner at one point texted Charlotte Kirk : "U know Avi…. Go bother Avi."
Avi Lerner, the 71-year-old founder and CEO of Millennium Films, knows Kirk. 
He has worked for two-plus years to help the British actress secure roles in movies produced by his company.
A female-fronted version of The Expendables and Chuck, a 2016 boxing drama starring Liev Schreiber.

Lerner's most focused effort was to include Kirk in the upcoming Hellboy.
Producer Lawrence Gordon was pressured by Lerner and influential individuals in Hollywood but refused to cast her.
Hellboy director Neil Marshall was impressed by Kirk. She was his first choice for Alice and pushed hard for her.
Marshall left the Hellboy production to spend time with Kirk.
He left his longtime agent turned producing partner and abandoned other potential projects.
Kirk and Marshall moved in together as he devoted himself to pitching horror films that Kirk would not only star in but co-write.
Marshall approached several top producers about backing these projects, but all passed.

Kirk posted a photo on Instagram of herself and Marshall from a trip to Puerto Rico but has since deleted it.

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