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Director Penelope Spheeris on Hollywood: “They can blow me.”

-Grew up traveling the United States with her parents’ carnival & put herself through UCLA film school

-Started the first production company in Los Angeles specializing in music videos in 1974

On quitting Hollywood:
“I just took whatever job I could get. Because as a woman in the film business, you really don’t get to pick and choose. But working with the Weinsteins was probably the moment where I said to myself, ‘How the fuck did I get here? What am I doing?’”

On Hollywood’s treatment of women:
“It’s ugly. You have no friends in Hollywood. Hollywood is a lonely, lonely desert, especially as a woman. [...] you’ve got these people that are deceitful and liars who don’t stand up for their words, you know?”

On aspiring female directors:
“I’m very glad that today there are more opportunities for young women. I don’t think it’s a useless endeavor at this point, by any means. [...] Because it’s one thing to be a woman in this business, but let me tell you something, it’s another thing to be an older woman in this business. Because then you’ve got two strikes against you from the start. That’s why I don’t give a fuck about the business anymore.”

-Spheeris has spoken at a previous Q&A about being blacklisted by Mike Myers from Wayne’s World 2 after retaining her final cut privileges on the first film, which remains one of the highest-grossing live-action comedies of all time (Spheeris insisting on the infamous Bohemian Rhapsody headbanging scene was a primary battle between them)


ONTD, did a man ever belittle your idea, get you fired over it, and then later take credit for its success?
Tags: feminism / social issues, film - comedy, film - documentary, film director, saturday night live (nbc)

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