Amber Tamblyn Talks Politics and Sexism in her Book "Era of Ignition"

- Tamblyn links Hillary's 2016 loss to the invisibility women have been feeling for a long time; she is a longtime supporter of Clinton and volunteered for her in 2008 and 2016.
- She's glad that Clinton isn't running again because she "wouldn’t want her to go through all the lies and the cruelty"
- She's gotten a lot of hate for sharing an anecdote in her book where Bernie Sanders acts "irritable" and asks for no more pictures; she speaks out against the vitriol she received from Sanders supporters during the campaign as well - "there was a lot of negative language used towards us and also a lot of sexist language used". She said that she thinks Bernie is wonderful and would vote for him if nominated, but makes the point that his "curmudgeonly style" wouldn't be possible if he were a woman.
- Growing up as a child actor, she reflects on why she has reservations on how her husband wants to raise their daughter with the attitude that she can do anything, saying that that's not the case for women and it's about balancing encouraging her daughter to follow her dreams while also "making them aware of how the world will try to stop them from being the best versions of themselves"

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