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Brandi and Taj Jackson interviewed about Wade Robson, James Safechuck, and Leaving Neverland

John Ziegler from Mediaite/Free Speech Broadcasting interviewed Brandi and Taj Jackson for his podcast.

John says that Wade Robson is lying about being abused by Michael Jackson because he had his chance in 2005 as a grown man who "wasn't a wallflower and already broke up Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake" to testify against Michael during a criminal trial and could have become a multi-millionaire and hero by telling the truth and that his last chance was when he died because his abuser was dead and he had nothing to fear, but he went in the opposite direction and praised Michael and wanted to be in tributes for him.

Brandi, daughter of Jackie Jackson, says that Wade couldn't have been abused by her uncle Michael because she was dating Wade for over 7 years from age 12 to 20. She also said that Michael was like a child and would sit at the kids table with the nieces and nephews at family dinners instead of the adult table, so watching movies and falling asleep in the same bed was something normal for him like Malcaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, and previously Wade have said.

Taj, son of Tito Jackson, says that Wade couldn't have been abused from age 7 to 14 because he was dating his cousin Brandi from age 9 to 18 in one interview and 7 to 14 in another interview. Taj also says that he thinks James Safechuck is so haunted and distressed in all his interviews from lying that he thinks he will crack and tell the truth.

John Ziegler and Brandi Jackson's interview:

  • upset that Good Morning America and ABC cancelled interviews with her at the last minute

  • Says that the family are not out for money, have their own jobs, and don't get any money from the estate. The only people who get money from the estate are Michael's children.

  • says that she met Wade when they were 9 on the set of the "Black and White" video

  • says Wade told Michael he had a crush on her and Michael set them up by having them spend a week together at Neverland

  • Wade asked her to be his girlfriend when they were 12 and she agreed

  • Brandi says they had an exclusive relationship and did sexual stuff, but didn't actually have actual sexual intercourse until she was 18 because she wanted to wait until she was 18 since her dead mom told her that was the right time to start having sex

  • It was her first time having sex and she thought it was Wade's too, but then started questioning if it was actually his first time because he was changing as he choreographed for pop stars like Mandy Moore or Britney Spears

  • Says Wade and Britney got a lot closer when Justin Timberlake put Wade on not just choreography, but also production and that's when she thinks Wade and Britney were having an affair, but Wade would deny it to her and say that it was a purely professional business relationship

  • Says someone who was very close to both her and Wade told her a list of people that Wade was cheating on her with including Britney Spears, someone very famous' wife (I assume she was talking about Mayte Garcia, Prince's ex-wife who Wade publicly dated when he was 18 and she was 26 according to the New York Times and WENN), some underage girl, and more

  • She told Wade the list of people he was cheating on her with and he started crying and asked her how she knew and they broke up and stopped being friends

  • John asked if she was sure Wade was heterosexual and she said she was 100% sure he is. John then asked if Wade might be bisexual and Brandi said that he isn't.

  • John says that Wade wasn't abused by Michael because if Wade was abused and had sex with Michael he would have been more dysfunctional, but he waited 6 years to have sex with Brandi. Brandi agrees and says she is 100% sure Wade was never sexually abused by Michael.

  • She says that she would know if Michael was a pedophile because she was in the 5th grade in 1993 when the first case came out and she would have seen the red flags

  • Says that after Michael died Joy Robson, Wade's mom, called her asking if she could take care of Paris, Prince, and Blanket instead of their grandma because Michael didn't want them taken care of by their grandmother. She told Joy that the children were where they were supposed to be.

  • Says that Wade called her hours after his mom did and said that he missed her and asked if she missed him and she told him no and said don't you have a wife. Wade said that he did have a wife and that they should meet.

  • Brandi says she realizes Robsons were trying to manipulate her to get to Paris, Prince, and Blanket and stay in the family and that they don't stop until they get what they want.

  • Brandi says that during the documentary she saw moments where it looked like Wade was going to laugh because what he was saying was such a lie. She says people think it looked like he was going to cry, but she says it's because they don't know him and she who knows him says it looked like he was going to laugh.

  • Brandi says she never told Michael that Wade cheated on her because she didn't want to put salt into their professional relationship. Michael would ask if he was a good boyfriend though and held doors open for her and stuff like that. She wishes she told Michael about Wade now though.

  • Brandi thinks Joy was in love with Michael because she would tell her how she thought Michael had a crush on her when it was just Michael being his normal, kind, eccentric self

  • John says when Wade was telling the story of when he was 14 about the last sexual encounter between him and Michael, he thought it was so clearly false. He says he's not sure but he thinks Wade said it was Michael's blood on the underwear (John is wrong and in the documentary Wade said it was his own blood). He thinks why would Michael call him and have Wade go all the way over to the studio and tell him there and have him go back instead of just telling him to get rid of it while on the phone (Wade already explained in the documentary that Michael wanted to talk to him in person about it so it wouldn't be recorded on the phone). Brandi says that Wade doesn't do his own laundry or well as an adult now he probably does, but back then even up to age 21 he didn't do his laundry and that his mom did, so how did his mom not find the underwear? Wade said in the documentary that he threw the underwear away before his mom could find it and wash it.

  • Brandi says that if Wade was in so much pain after being abused by Michael, especially the time he was anally penetrated when he was 14, how did he teach such intense and tiring choreography and dance classes since the age of 12?

  • John says he's sure Wade is a liar, but he isn't sure if Michael was a pedophile or not and asks Brandi what she thinks about Michael having sleepovers with children, sleeping in beds with them, relationships with boys dwindling when they get older, etc.

  • Brandi says people don't know cause Michael wasn't normal and they didn't grow up with him. She says that there were tons of children, not just boys, at the sleepovers and she's been there before. She says it's easier to get all the children to fall asleep in the same room then to get them all in separate rooms. She also says that Michael was like a kid himself and sat with all the nieces and newphews and children at family dinners instead of the adults. She says connotations are different now with things like Netflix and chill, but before renting a movie just meant renting a movie and Michael would watch movies and fall asleep with kids and it was only that and people like Malcaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, and even previously Wade himself will tell you that.

  • Says that you don't even have to listen to her story but google facts and see that Wade is a proven liar. Says he didn't go for money back in 2005 trial because he knew it wasn't true and he wouldn't be saying these things if Michael was still alive because the guilt would be too much for him. She says Wade is only doing this because he wasn't chosen as the director of the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show, which was his last chance at getting money and being connected to the Jackson family. She says she heard all about the breakdowns and they were because of money.

  • Brandi actually says she doesn't know the reason why Wade wasn't chosen for the Cirque du Soleil show. Wade has actually explained this and said he was hired for the show 3 times and the 3rd time he was reluctant to join as lead choreographer again, but agreed since the director was persistent and persuasive. He had to drop out once again when he had another mental breakdown and dropped out of all of his projects.

  • Brandi says that members of the Jackson family have actually seen Joy and that she didn't seem angry at them or Michael and just very ashamed. She thinks she is ashamed because she is acting and lying.

  • Says that the Jackson estate and family deal with lawsuits all the time and has to pick and choose their battles, so they didn't think they needed to fight back at Wade when his story first came out in 2013 becuase it was so ridiculous and unbelievable

  • John gets James/Jimmy Safechuck's name wrong and calls him Jimmy Shortchuck

John Ziegler and Taj Jackson interview:

  • In previous interviews Taj has said that Wade wasn't abused because he dated his cousin Brandi from age 7 to 14 when he was supposedly abused and in love with Michael. In another interview, he said Wade and Brandi dated from age 9 to 18, met at LA Gear, were in the "Black and White" video together, and Wade asked Brandi to be his girlfriend at Neverland when he, Brandi, Wade's sister Chantal, and Taj's cousin Siggy were all there.

  • Taj says that if the Jackson machine was that powerful and the family got money his own music career would be way more successful and that he can also show you his bank account

  • Taj says Wade is a liar and when he first came foward in 2013, Taj disclosed that he had been sexually abused by his uncle Chuck and says that as a real victim of sexual abuse he says how dare you at Wade for lying

  • Says that when his uncle on his mom's side Chuck sexually abused him he told his mom after the first time and it never happened again. He also says that his mom told Michael and Michael sent an article about how your own family members like aunts and uncles can be abusers.

  • Says Wade only cares about Wade and that he feels backstabbed by Wade because back when Michael died, Taj was the one to contact Wade and invite Wade to the funeral. He reads an email from Wade where Wade said he was so grateful Taj invited him and gave a guest list of his family that would be there.

  • Says fame is a drug and Wade wants more of it and that's why he is lying about Michael after his last chance at fame went away (the Cirque Du Soleil show). He says he doesn't actually know why Wade wasn't chosen for the Cirque Du Soleil show, but thinks it's because they wanted someone with more experience (the director was Jamie King).

  • John says that Wade's story is so ridiculous that it makes James Safechuck's story look credible even though it doesn't on its own. John says that it's fake that James would have been asked about the trial as a 27 year old man because he found out that James couldn't be used in the trial as someone saying he's abused because that statue of limitations had passed, so it can't be possible that Michael would ask James to testify for him, James would tell him no, and then tell his mom that Michael was an evil man.

  • Taj says that James is lying because he wouldn't have kept the rings for 30 years if he had been abused and Michael bought jewelry for everyone and even paid for his own high school education, so he if he cared about you, he would take care of you

  • Taj says that he thinks James will crack and tell the truth and say he wasn't abused. He says that even neutral people have told him that James looks haunted and like he wants to cry all the time. He takes this as guilt about lying and thinks James will tell the truth one day. He also notes that James couldn't really talk in the Oprah interview and that Wade did all the talking.

  • Taj says that Oprah betrayed the Jackson family because she interviewed Michael when he was alive and also interviewed the kids and their grandmother when Michael died. He also thinks it's suspicious that Oprah was watching the documentary with David Geffen on her birthday, who is one of Michael's enemies.

  • Taj is upset that Wade and James got a 4 hour documentary and the Oprah interview to tell their side, while the Jackson family gets nothing. He's also upset that Gayle King got to see the documentary in advance while the Jackson family didn't.

  • Says that as a survivor of sexual abuse, he thinks the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have gone too far even before this documentary happened because what if someone innocent is accused and their life is ruined

  • John thinks that Wade's story is even less credible than Jussie Smollett's and that both are like z-list little know celebrities craving attention. Taj agrees, but says the media has a story to tell and doesn't care.

  • Taj says that he knows the reason Corey Feldman had to change his tune from defending Michael to longer defending him, but can't tell. He says that Corey though is a big defender of Michael and part of the MJ community and fans and all that and was peer pressured from backlash to changing his opinion.

  • Taj says Janet Jackson hasn't said anything even though she believes her brother because she knows how much power she has and if she comments it would get 3x the attention and she's waiting for the right time to use her right hook and comment

  • When John asks about the sleepovers with young boys and relationships with women that people didn't find legitimate, Taj says that Michael was 100% not gay and that he loved Lisa-Maire Presley and their relationship was legitimate. He says that Michael would talk to him about hairdressers he found cute for example, which is more evidence he wasn't gay. He also said that sometimes he and Michael would be watching movies like 3 Stooges and fall asleep and when he woke up he would still be on the bed, while Michael would be on the ground. He says it sounds weird and like what grown- (cuts off), but Michael doesn't explain himself. He says that he and Malcaulay Culkin have both said that Michael is the worst person to be on the stand or defend himself and that in every interview from Diane Sawyer to Oprah he makes things worse because he doesn't realize how people perceive him because he was too naive because that was his life and he was working professionaly since 8 years old and didn't have a childhood. He says that Michael would ask him and his brothers what it's like to have birthday parties or what it's like to have a best friend. He says people don't understand that there was only one person like Michael and he was like a child and even people who have nothing to gain from him and have been fired by him will say that.

  • Taj says that he likes to listen to neutral people and be objective and when John praises him and Brandi for being so open and answering all his questions and and being open to the other side and not covering their ears when they hear something bad about their uncle, he says that it's because we grew up with this and their friends have asked questions and then they understand when they meet their uncle and they know how the public thinks, while their uncles and aunts had a different experience

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