Journalist Remembers When He Tried To Ask Michael Jackson Accuser If He Needed To Be Rescued

- Irish journalist Sam Smyth was on The Ray D'Arcy Show on RTE Radio 1 a few days ago, and remembered when he and Eamon Dunphy once tried to ask James Safechuck if he needed to be rescued.

- This happened during Michael Jackson's visit to Cork, Ireland as part of his 'Bad' tour, and Safechuck, who was 10 years old at the time, accompanied Jackson. Since Smyth was covering the 'Bad' tour, he stayed at the same hotel (The Jury's) as Jackson and Safechuck.

- Smyth was creeped out by Jackson and Safechuck's relationship, and was wondering why a grown man was best friends with a child that wasn't his.

- Says that Safechuck's room frequently had a 'do not disturb' sign on it, and that the windows had sheeting on them to conceal the views.

- Smyth especially became concerned about Safechuck's well-being after learning that he would not be attending Jackson's concert, and would instead be spending all night in his room. It was then that Smyth and Dunphy decided to write Safechuck a letter via hotel stationery.

- The letter wrote, "Dear Little Jimmy Safechuck, we are in the residents' lounge...if you are being held against your will or if you need rescuing contact us." Smyth told the hotel porter to place the letter under Safechuck's door and with a "handsome tip." Safechuck never contacted them back.

- Smyth also says that he believes Safechuck and Wade Robson when they say that they were sexually abused by Jackson.

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