Big Bang's Seungri announces retirement from the entertainment industry (jail when?)

  • Seungri is accused of pimping out (occasionally incapacitated) women to investors and being part of a chatroom where he and other celebs shared hidden camera footage of women being filmed without their consent (celeb names have started leaking but idt any have been officially confirmed. if they have feel free to include them in the comments!).

  • He and his other disgusting pals got caught when one of them (allegedly singer Jung Joonyoung) sent his phone to be repaired and the chat messages were leaked.

  • Seungri released a boo-hoo statement on instagram announcing his retirement from the entertainment industry in order to protect the honour of YG Entertainment and Big Bang (the same group whose leader actively supported and remained friends with a woman beater who assaulted another friend of his fyi).

  • He is currently banned from leaving the country due to the investigation.

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