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Debate Theatrical vs. Streaming ft. "Long Shot" cast; ‘Theater Is the Best Place to See Our Comedy"

"US" was not the only film to make a big splash at this year's SXSW in Austin. The cast of Long Shot think that their "more creepy than romantic" comedy fares better in the theater than on streaming.

There's typical guff about 'room full of people shared experience thing' to try and persuade you to spend money on a movie about a loser schlub and beautiful woman (Will they get together??????????? Inquiring minds don't want to know) and the death of the mid-budget movie being financed for theaters.

“I think it’s a good thing we have all different formats … it’s not 20 years ago and there’s only one way you can do it. That freedom has opened up for more interesting filmmakers, and for people to actually see their movies,” said Theron, who produced this, as well as "Tully" and the criminally underrated and awesome "Atomic Blonde".
Rogen doesn't really care about the Awards For Netflix debate because “As someone who never gets nominated for any awards anyway, I don’t give a f— how to deal with that,”, and his returns have been consistent enough so that studios keep giving him money to make nonsense (Though he did not direct this movie)


Do their thoughts entice you to see 'loser and competent woman relationship' for 16$ at the cinema? What was the last non-blockbuster movie you saw at the movies?*

*MCU fans need not respond.
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