Robyn Fans Sing "Dancing On My Own" in Subway Station

A Twitter user captured this footage of fans giving us an #unexpected singing sequence irl -singing in unison to the almost decade-old Robyn classiq "Dancing on My Own" on a subway station in New York after a Madison Square Garden show. Robyn: Swedish queen of bringing people together with anthems about loneliness!

Here are more recordings of this spontaneous moment:


"Body Talk" Will Get a Vinyl Reissue on RSD

$300 LP on Discogs no more! One of the record store day exclusives this year (April 13th) will include Robyn's "Body Talk" on white vinyl, which went out of stock a few years ago.

According to this Ebay link it might run on a limited 2500 copies. No word yet if she will continue to release it. #SupportIndieRecordStores

#Fembots will you be copping a Body Talk LP?

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