Eliza Dushku: Going Back To School, Social Media, #MeToo, and the Political Climate

Human Goddess Eliza Dushku sat down with Boston Magazine and talked about studying holistic psychology in school, leaving L.A, dealing with social media after speaking about her sobriety and opioid awareness in 2017, Hollywood's current climate (#MeToo), and taking action.

- Produced Mapplethorpe - a provocative biopic of controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.
- Moved from L.A to Boston for 'personal reasons'. Says living there for 18 years was an "honest effort".

On addressing Mapplethorpe's nude and homoerotic imagery in today's political climate:
It’s entirely relevant right now, and maybe more so than ever, given what we’re facing with the current administration and this sort of cultural divide our country is wrestling with. I think it’s horrifying to a lot of people because we came so far and now it feels like we’re going backward. And that’s alarming, especially to so many artists and members of the LGBTQ community. And so now more than ever, we have to fight. We have to fight for the freedom of the press. We have to fight for freedom of expression and art.

On Hollywood after #MeToo:
You know, for many women, and men as well, it’s been an important year of reckoning. It’s liberating, and it shows that when we speak our truths—as terrifying as that might be—we afford ourselves a chance to heal. And we’re seeing that we also get a chance to create change for others, which for me is powerful and really important.

On social media after her talk at the New Hampshire Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness in 2017:
Yeah, it can cause a bit of a panic attack. And to be honest, in the past couple of years, I’ve been on social media so much less because of that. I remember a therapist once saying to me that reading your reviews and what people say about you on Twitter is like putting a loaded gun to your head. And it’s just human nature that a thousand people could say you’re great and there’s one person that just drills into you, and that’s all you can focus on. And today with the trolls and the fake bots, it’s just too much.


It's a pretty good interview and a fairly quick read. She's well-spoken, I recommend reading it tbh