Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part Two): New Photos + Info

Netflix released a small new batch of photos (not much, but looks like the Sabrina/Harvey/Nick love triangle is going to be a big angle this season). And with less than a month away, Hypable previews the first five episodes of part two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, premiering on Netflix April 5th.

-The show takes on an even darker tone with more emphasis on magic and the witch world
-Sabrina's decision in the part one finale to [Spoiler (click to open)]sign her name to the Dark Lord has major consequences that she didn't expect
-The Weird Sisters are in it much more and Sabrina interacts with them more than her mortal friends (thank god)
-Two of Sabrina's mortal comrades form a relationship [Spoiler (click to open)]obviously Harvey and Roz based on the promo
-One mortal undergoes a "serious transformation into the person they want to be"
-The quality is on par if not better than part one
-No new info on Aunts Hilda or Zelda, Ambrose, or true MVP Salem

ONTD, are you Team Harvey or Team Nick? My choice is easy.