Why China Has Embraced 'Green Book' Like a Blockbuster


the chinese box office for Green Book is crazy good (X), but why?

- China is very interested in the Oscars

- the movie came out right after it won best picture

- Jack Ma's Alibaba Pictures helped produce it, so the movie's win is seen as a win for China:

"All of China is celebrating Green Book's Oscar win. Alibaba surpassed even Netflix and Amazon to become the first internet company to co-finance and co-produce an Oscar best picture winner. After a film with Chinese investment won this award, it feels like Chinese cinema and our national pride are not so far from the Oscars after all."

- Chinese audience is not very familiar with US race relations, which was the biggest criticism in US reviews of the movie:

"The seemingly heavy and sensitive topic is presented in a road trip setting and in a rather comedic fashion. This somehow makes it easier for it to resonate and be understood for Chinese moviegoers — they don’t need to be equipped with a lot of historic background."