RUMOR: Which Female Star's Firing from a Network Show will be Covered Up as Her Choosing to Leave?

Blind Gossip claims to have an exclusive about a show where tension between the two female leads led to one being terminated.

-The titular lead of the show is male and not involved in this dispute

-Sweety vs Pizza where Sweety wanted to be treated like the female lead from the start but always felt undermined by Pizza when it came to her salary, story lines, etc. Didn't want to do anymore scenes with Pizza, and the writers have acquiesced

-Storylines have been reworked to get rid of Pizza. She'll be leaving at the end of the season, and while they'll say it was her decision to leave, it really wasn't.

-"The drama and trauma of ousting one of the stars of a successful show is usually over with in a flash."

The popular guess for this blind item is The Flash where Sweety is Candice Patton, and Pizza is Danielle Panabaker.