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Some New Artists to Celebrate International Women's Day (ONTD Original)

It's ladies night what! It must be OP on the mic! Okay I'll stop. Since it is soon approaching or already is International Women's Day in your part of the world, OP in her infinite wisdom wanted to curate a music playlist celebrating some new tracks from some ladies around the world. OP did her best traveling the world like Rick Steves and now she's back to bring you some ladies creating their art and making their stamp on the world. OP tried to narrow down to some artists who haven't been posted here or pretty infrequently. There's rap, indie, experimental, R&B.

1. IAMDBB - Kurr£ncy

Break out the tea and crumpets bruv - this Manchester rapper has released her new mixtape, Swervvvvv.5 which she describes as "urban trap jazz". Check out her latest single from her 2018 album Flightmode.

2. Tierra Whack - "Only Child"

The Philly super cool comic book nerd queen is back after delivering a visually stunning 15 min visual album.

3. Ebhoni - "TGM"

She's from Toronto but this song showcases the young singer's Jamaican roots all packaged in a cute video.

4. Sofia Kourtesis - "Lana Gaye"

The Peruvian born artist now lives in Berlin making experimental music for the inner art heaux in you. She released her first EP this year, so play it while you admire Barnett Newman.

5. SPELLLING - "Under the Sun"

The Oakland experimental singer (real name: Tia Cabral) has a wide range of influences from Massive Attack to Solange to goth rodeos (OP might think this is actually a thing). It kind of sounds like Mr. Bungle - she makes music for the alternative gorls who listen to "Back that Azz Up" while holding seances.

6. Roses Gabor - "I Could Be Yours"

IAMDBB's neighbor (okay, she's from London) released her debut album this year. She's collaborated with Gorillaz SBTRKT and now she's securing the spotlight for herself.

7. Y La Bamba - "Boca Llena"

Mexican-American singer-songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza is the heart of the band dream pop Y La Bamba that is now based in Portland. She blends together introspective lyrics of growing up and making political statements through her music.

8. Charlotte Adigéry - "Paténipat"

The Belgian-Caribbean singer released her debut EP, Zandoli last month. This song is sung in French creole and it's OP's favorite on the list.

OP would put more but she is tired, but finding these ladies gave her so many frequent flyer miles. Share your favorite ladies on for International Women's Day!
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