Riverdale Roundup: 3x15 Promotional Stills, Camila in the MCU (??), and More


FP's turning 50, and Gladys is prepping for the party, but Jughead is getting wise to the fact that mom didn't really come back to town just to reunite the family. He'll probably find out she's a drug dealer eventually since Veronica will tell Betty who will probably tell him at some point.

A past encounter brings Archie back into the world of G&G, and Bughead come up with a plan that might involve him fighting a bunch of costumed LARPers who want to kill him.

Finally, Choni find themselves at a crossroads (probably Pretty Poisons related again though maybe it has to do with creepy child grooming Nana Rose), and Cheryl plants Heathers the Musical in Cult Kevin's head.

Alice, Fred, Hiram, and Reggie also show up. No Josie even though Archie's getting the shit kicked out of him again.

Written by RAS so expect a middling mess.


A script rewrite of Black Widow has resulted in the creation of a new small, supporting character of which the studio is looking to cast a young actress of color.

They're putting together a list of actresses, 15-25 years old and supposedly these are some of the actresses they're interested in: Storm Reid, Isabela Moner, Camila Mendes, and Hannah Quinlivan

The source emphasizes that it's very early in the process.


Molly's on set for 2x20 which seems to suggest that they might have to deal with how they'll deal with Perry's passing sooner rather than later



Cole has a film coming out soon and so on this final leg of the promotion expect for him to get asked about Luke

Camila shares memories of Luke, and Nathalie shares her final text message with him