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Michael Jacobs-hagen comes forward as one of Michael Jackson's victims + more

Michael Jacobs-hagen who was called "Rubba Rubba" came forward about being one of Michael Jackson's victims.
[trigger warning: details of sexual assault here + under the cut]
He says that Jackson never performed explicit sexual acts on him, but he slept in the same bed with him with both in just boxer shorts and always cuddled with him inappropriately and kissed his head and cheek and rubbed his hair, especially when he was high on medication. In 1998, Jackson stripped in front of him in a jacuzzi and asked him if he wanted to take of his swim trunks as well, but he told him that he felt uncomfortable being naked since he was only 14 and didn't. Jackson also gave him the NAMBLA book "The Boy: A Photographic Essay" which had pictures of naked young boys. At the source you can see a photo of the book with a note to "Rubba Rubba" from Jackson, pictures of Jacobs-hagen and Jackson together, and notes/letters Jackson wrote to Jacobs-hagen.

One of Michael Jackson's former maids, Adrian Marie McManus, did a special with 60 Minutes Australia talking about her experience at Neverland. She worked for Jackson for four years and testified against him in the 2005 Gavin Arvizo trial. She also did a Daily Mail interview and is speaking out against him once again. She says that she had to clean and found boys underwear all around the house. She also found books on masturbation and once had to laminate photos of naked babies and put it in his room for decoration. The most disturbing thing she says is that he had a large collection of VHS tapes she believes contained intimate footage of him and young boys. She says when Jordan Chandler accused Jackson of abuse the tapes were hidden away in a movie projection theater away from the Neverland main house, so they wouldn't be found by the police.

Vanity Fair wrote a piece on insiders that have had spoken out against Jackson throughout the years.

These included:

  • LaToya Jackson, Michael's sister

  • Jermaine Jackson, Michael's brother

  • Blanca Francia, Michael's maid from 1986 to 1991. She also testified in the 2005 Gavin Arvizo trial that she saw Wade Robson and Micheal in the shower together. Wade denied this in 2005 and testified that Michael had never inappropriately touched him. However, he came forward as one of Michael's victims in 2013 and was one of the subjects of the "Leaving Neverland" documentary that came out this month. Blanca's own son, Jason Fracia, also testified in the 2005 trial that Michael sexually fondled him 3 times when he was child.

  • Myung-Ho Lee, Michael's former business partner

  • Ralph Chacon, Michael's former security guard

  • Adrian Marie McManus, Michael's former maid

  • Philippe and Stella Lemarque, a French couple who cooked at Neverland for nearly a year

  • Eddie Reynoza, Michael's former friend and dancer

Source: Twitter 1, 2, 3, YouTube
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