Meet the New Members of the SUICIDE SQUAD Reboot.

After it was reported yesterday that Idris Elba would replace Will Smith as Deadshot, some more members of the team have been announced (not cast);

  • Ratcatcher; An exterminator who turned to a life of crime, summoning rats to do their bidding. Rumored to be gender-swapped.

  • Sorry Killer Croc; Welcome King Shark. He's a shark person.

  • It's almost his time to shine; After a brief, brief cameo in The Lego Batman Movie, Polka-Dot Man could have a bigger appearance in this reboot-quel. He grows polkadots on his body and summons weapons from them.

  • Finally, there's Peacemaker, who uses murder to achieve peace. Kind of like the US Military. Gunn has said that he imagines his most vocal supporter, Dave Bautista, in this role.

  • Also, Joel Kinnaman is not returning as Rick Flagg. Zero tears were shed.