Tay owns me (taylcrswift) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Tay owns me

Louis Tomlinson releases his new single, 'Two Of Us'.

It’s been a minute since I called you
just to hear the answerphone.
Yeah I know that you won’t get this
But I’ll leave a message so I’m not alone.

This morning I woke up still dreaming
With memories playing through my head.
You’ll never know how much I miss you.
The day that they took you, I wish it was me instead.

But you once told me 'don’t give up..
You can do it day by day..
And diamonds they don't turn to dust or fade away’.

So I will keep you, day and night.
Here until the day I die,
I’ll be living one life for the two of us.
I will be the best of me,
Always keep you next to me.
I’ll be living one life for the two of us.
Even when I’m on my own, I know I won’t be alone.
Tattoo’d on my heart are the words of your favourite song.
I know you’ll be looking down.
Swear I’m gonna make you proud.
I’ll be living one life for the two of us.

I could feel your blood run through me
You're written in my DNA
Looking back in every mirror
I know you'll be waiting, I'll see you again

I promised you I'd do this
So all of this is all for you
Oh, I swear to God you're living
Through everything I'll ever do

We'll end just like we started
Just you and me and no one else
I will hold you where my heart is
One life for the two of us.


This made me so emotional, and was better than I expected it to be <3
Tags: music / musician (pop), new music post, one direction
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