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WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara, Brett Ratner, and James Packer allegedly conspired to hide sexual misconduct

  • Australian billionaire James Packer (former fiancé of Mariah Carey) dated Charlotte Kirk when she was 20 and he was 45 back in 2012 shortly after his daughter was born and while he was still married to singer Erica Packer

  • He introduced her to WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara in 2013 and texts between Kirk and Packer reveal that the first time they met Kirk thought Tsujihara was being sexually agressive and that he only wanted to have sex with her

  • Kirk later implied in texts to Packer that she believed he had used her as a pawn by telling her to have sex with Tsujihara in order to get him to sign off on a deal with Packer and Brett Ratner's production company

  • In texts Kirk says that Tsujihara promised her movie roles in exchange for sex which he does not deny

  • Packer eventually cut Kirk off in 2014 when she threatened to get her lawyers involved if she did not get any roles

  • Tsujihara tried to get her auditions but as he was the CEO of WB and not involved in the casting decisions he was wary of getting involved as it would look suspicious

  • By 2015 Tsujihara had also stopped responding to Kirk. The only one still trying to get her auditions was Ratner who also told her she was ungrateful, that she was going to ruin Tsujihara's life as he was married, and told her that if she wanted to have sex for parts she should have slept with a director or a producer since they were the ones who made casting decisions

  • In 2016 Kirk went to her lawyer and tried to settle with Ratner for a lump sum for the "rights" to her biography (called from Autism to A list) and for a part in a film Ratner either produced or directed. The settlement was never signed

  • Kirk was only able to obtain two small roles in the WB productions in How to be Single and Ocean's 8

  • Kirk now denies everything even though hundeds of her texts have leaked

  • WB says they are investigating any impropriety

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