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Bethenny Frankel Back in Court Fighting For Sole Custody, Marriage Abuse Revealed

Real Housewife of New York cast member and Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel is back in court this week, fighting for sole custody of her 8-year old daughter Bryn, against her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. While the details of their marriage and divorce have long been private, Frankel, at the request of the family court judge, asked her to testify about the alleged abuse she indured at the wrath of Jason Hoppy.

  • Frankel detailed that as their marriage deteriorated, Hoppy became increasingly abusive, physically and mentally.

  • Frankel detailed that Hoppy barricaded her in a closet for hours as punishment for not coming home from a work event at the exact time she said she would.

  • Frankel detailed that Hoppy hit her several times in the face, pushed her down.

  • Frankel stated that in one incident, he locked her dog Cookie inside a closet inside a box and wouldn't tell her where she was.

  • Frankel detailed that she went to the police because she feared for her safety but they couldn't do anything without concrete proof.

  • Frankel had a padlock installed on a spare bedroom door so if he lost his temper, she could barricade herself in the room until he calmed down or the police arrived.

  • Frankel said that as their divorce was winding down, Hoppy left their shared apartment in shambles. He would leave human waste in every toilet and not flush, letting it pile up. He would leave dirty dishes everywhere, spill food everywhere, causing the apartment to become infested with bugs.

  • Frankel also detailed that she recorded several of his phone conversations with Bryn where he would ask the 8 year old for Frankel's boyfriends name, call Frankel a witch and even mocked Frankel's jewish faith to her daughter.


This is truly horrific.
Tags: legal / lawsuit, sensitive content, the real housewives (bravo)

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