Hollywood DJ + A Few Canadian Radio Stations Will No Longer Play Michael Jackson's Music

- Michelle Pesce, a Hollywood DJ, says that she will no longer play Michael Jackson's music following the "Leaving Neverland" documentary about the sexual abuse of Wade Robson and James Safechuck as children at the hands of Jackson, and she urges other DJs to do the same.
- Says that she cannot separate the art from the artist, and that the #MeToo movement has made her second guess which songs to play while she's deejaying whether it's because of the song's lyrical content or the artist that it came from.
- Pesce says that in her experience, the DJ community's reactions are mixed following the documentary. Some Djs told her that they will continue playing Michael's music, while others told her that they will only play music from his Jackson 5 days since that era was when Michael was a child.
- Pesce also says that she used to admire Michael and his music before this, and used to say "If all else fails, play Michael Jackson." She even played "Man In The Mirror" at a Golden Globes afterparty in 2018 that she was deejaying.

- Three Canadian radio stations, CKOI, Rythme, and The Beat, have decided to ban Michael Jackson's music as well because of the child sex abuse allegations.
- Cogeco Media, which is the owner of the three stations, said on Tuesday that they are "attentive to the comments of their listeners" and that the documentary "created reactions" so they are removing Jackson's music "for the time being."

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